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Since 2008, our Property Development Firm has been making tremendous efforts in order to grow our business and financing every single year. This growth allows us to provide even more services for our investors.


Vikash Patel

CEO & President of Operations

After obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture/Minor in Business Administration from the University of Texas Austin in 2001, Vic Patel began his career as an architect designing hotels & commercial projects for industry leading firms. Hotel projects include W Hotels, Sheraton, Saguaro Guest Ranch (Kerrville, TX), Stablewood Springs Resort (Hunt, TX), El Faro Hotel (Playa De Carmen), Hampton Inn, Country Inn, and Candlewood Suites. Vic also ventured into the residential construction business, developing a several custom homes and 125 single family residential development on the Nueces River.

Having deep roots in the hotel business, Vic transitioned back into the hospitality industry in 2005 with a concentration in the developing and operating of select service hotels.  Over time, he has become an expert consultant in operational, market research, and financial analysis and evaluation of hospitality real estate.

With Haven Hospitality Group LLC., he acts as CEO and President of Operations and plays a significant role in the new development projects the company takes on.  His duties include, but not limited to: licensing, brand relations, land acquisitions, maintaining oversight over design and construction.  Vic is a highly focused, results-driven hotel professional with comprehensive development experience and has become a leader in the region.

Kishor Patel

CFO / Chief Financial Officer

Kishor Patel, also known as Ken, is the Founder and CFO of Haven Hospitality Group LLC. Ken, began his hospitality career in 1976, building his first hotel in 1980 in Garden City, Kansas. Today, Ken has interest in nine hotels, having developed or purchased over 19 hotels throughout his career. An entrepreneur at heart, Ken has become a successful ground-up developer, owner, and manager of premium brand hotels. His aptitude for operating hotels in niche markets has played a crucial role in the success and remarkable growth of this company.

Other development projects Ken has been involved in over the years includes a shopping center, several gas stations, several custom homes and 125 single family residential development on the Nueces River.

As Chief Financial Officer with Haven Hospitality Group LLC., he is responsible for maintaining oversight over financing, budgeting, tax structuring, risk management and evaluation of hospitality real estate. Additionally, Mr. Patel governs the hotel investment acquisitions, as well as owner/investor relations.

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No project is too big or small for HAVEN Hospitality Group LLC.. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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